Our team has 30 members. Our board members can be found here.

Adriana Groh

Adriana is part of the Prototype Fund Team and responsible for the program management. Previously, Adriana studied Political Science and European Public Policy and Governance in Frankfurt am Main and in Maastricht. She is interested in how digital tools can improve democratic participation and communication. In 2016, Adriana started the project wepublic that aims connect societal and political interests.
Adriana works on:

Anna Alberts

Anna Alberts leads the EU research project She has a degree in international development studies and international relations and worked as desk officer for data- and geopolitics at the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Netherlands. Anna develops Social Innovation projectsat the Peace Innovation Lab in Berlin.

Anna works on:

Arne Semsrott

Arne leads and is an expert in the domain of Freedom of Information (FOI). With a background in political science, he also works as a freelance journalist and engages with other NGOs in topics related to transparency and lobbyism, e.g. for LobbyControl and the Whistleblower Network.

Arne works on:

Bela Seeger

Bela works at the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany as project manager of the educational projects „DatenmachenSchule“ and „Turing-Bus“. As a sociologist of technology he is interested in social transformation processes in the fields of Open Knowledge, Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Education, in which civil society actors become active co-creators*.

Bela works on:

Doris Jantoljak

Doris is a communication designer and supports the »Jugend hackt« team. Specializing in brand development, she has already worked for global companies and brings a wealth of experience in addition to ideas and inspiration. She is interested in sustainable design and how advancing digitalization is changing society. At the same time, she never loses sight of the essential: A strong concept and the efficient transport of content are her top priorities.
Doris works on:

Edgar Zanella Alvarenga

Edgar setzt sich für die co-kreative Erstellung und Vermittlung von offenem Wissen ein. In Brasilien entwickelte er u.a. Stoa, ein Netzwerk für die Universität Sao Paolo, um Kursmaterialien und OER zu teilen. Als Tech Lead bei Open Knowledge Brazil engagierte er sich in Projekten gegen Korruption und für demokratische Partitizipation. Bei der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland arbeitet er aktuell in den Projekten edulabs und Offener Haushalt.

Edgar works on:

Elisa Lindinger

Elisa ist project lead of the Prototype Fund. After studying Prehistory, she soon got involved with IT projects in the cultural sector. Apart from working for OKF DE, she supports archaeological research projects in Sudan technically and takes part in the Research Center for Culture and Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Elisa works on:

Ernesto Ruge

Ernesto supervises and develops the projects Politik bei Uns and OParl and therefore the topic local transparency and local government information systems. Additionally, he works with mobility data / renewable energy sources and administrates the OKF-DE blogfarm. He works as a self-employed consultant and developer.

Ernesto works on:

Jasmin Helm

Jasmin studied sociology at Potsdam University and supports the projects „Datenschule“ and „Demokratielabore“ since October 2016. The handling of data in a responsible way is a main concern for her.
Jasmin works on:

Juliane Krüger

Juliane works for the OKF as assistance to the management and suppports the Demokratielabore project with their finances. She is also part of the Bits&Bäume team organizing a conference for digitalization and sustainability in Berlin.

Katharina Meyer

Katharina ist Teil des Prototype Fund-Teams und kümmert sich dort um Kommunikation, Outreach und Weiterentwicklung des Programms. Sie ist Technikhistorikerin, forscht zu sozialen Entwicklungsumgebungen und kuratiert Wissen und Objekte für Museen, Projekte oder Konferenzen wie die re:publica. Sie interessiert sich für die Frage, wie Transdisziplinarität in der Technologieentwicklung zu einer höheren Anwendersensibilität führen kann. 2016 hat Katharina mit einer Kollegin das Projekt Polynocular Tech Lab gestartet, das transdisziplinäre Ansätze in der Hard-, Software- oder Prozessentwicklung befördert und war damit u.a. Fellow am Center for Advanced Internet Studies. In ihrem „ersten Leben“ bei der OKFN 2013/14 war Katharina Project Lead bei DARIAH-DE.

Katharina works on:

Lea Pfau

Lea has been working for the OKF since September 2017 in the project Demokratielabore. She studies Political Science at the FU Berlin and, working with the European Youth Parliament, explores the significance of media in policial youth education.
Lea works on:

Leonard Wolf

Leonard Wolf unterstützte 2015 bereits als Praktikant und Fotograf das Team von „Jugend hackt“ bei der Planung und Durchführung des Berliner Events. Nach seinem Schulabschluss im Juli 2016 begann er seinen Bundesfreiwilligendienst bei der Open Knowledge Foundation. Seit September 2017 ist Leonard als studentischer Mitarbeiter bei den Demokratielaboren. Sein persönliches Interesse liegt in der Fotografie, weshalb er auch regelmäßig als Veranstaltungsfotograf unterwegs ist.

Leonard works on:

Lisa Passing

Lisa entered the OKF in April 2018 as developer. She likes privacy.

Lisa works on:

Lydia Böttcher

Lydia unterstützt das Team der Demokratielabore im Bereich des Projektmanagements politische Jugendbildung. Sie hat Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaft an der Freien Universität Berlin studiert und ist schnell in die Bildungsarbeit im Bereich der Jugendbeteiligung eingetaucht. Die Begleitung und Unterstützung von jugendlichen Freiwilligen im Programm des Freiwilligen Jahres Beteiligung sowie für den Landesjugendring Berlin e.V. haben sie einige Jahre beschäftigt und begeistert. Nebenbei gründete sie mit anderen Freiberufler_innen zusammen das stuhlkreis_revolte Kollektiv, ein Kollektiv für emanzipatorische Bildungsarbeit und Prozessbegleitung. Neben der Arbeit in den Demokratielaboren ist sie weiterhin freiberuflich tätig und immer auf der Suche nach neuen Herausforderungen.

Lydia works on:

Dr. Markus Neuschäfer

Markus is project lead of edulabs and DARIAH-DE, he focuses on education, Digital Humanities and Open Science. He engages with Open Data in Science and Culture and is especially curious about the visibility of open content and open educational resources. He holds a PhD German Philology, worked at the University of Göttingen and developed Open Science business models in publishing. He also supports the volunteer platform with webdesign and coordination.

Markus works on:

Matthias Löwe

Mat is working on crazy workshops for the FamilyLabs and the DemocracyLabs since 2017. As an interaction designer, he is researching playful interaction and gives workshops around the world. He is also engaged in workshops, talks and festivals of the Initiative Creative Gaming to establish an artistic and creative use of games by kids, stages gamejams and game-culture events like temporary escape games, XBox-Rock Battles or retell contests with the Gamestorm-team, shows game movies at a Machinima cinema and co-organizes A MAZE. events like the European indiegamefestival. In addition, Mat is coordinating the activities of the German Code Week together with the old Code Week Award team.

Matthias works on:

Maximilian Richt

Maximilian created and For the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany he works on a voluntary basis from Southern Germany, where he lives.

Maximilian works on:

Maximilian Voigt

Maximilian Voigt supports the project edulabs as an assistent. Further more he campaigns for fabrication laboratories, is engaged in physical computing and supports free education. Before his work at the OKF he co founded the FabLab Cottbus e.V., studied technical journalism, public relations and culture and technology. His master thesis was about the educational potential of open workshops.

Maximilian works on:

Michael Peters

Michael organizes the Code For Germany community and works together with the OK Labs on useful applications around open data. He also coordinates the Open Government Civil Society Network, which advocates for more Open Government in Germany. Michael studied economics (M.Sc.) and political science (B.A.) and is particularly interested in digital policy issues. He has been with the Open Knowledge Foundation since 2016.

Michael works on:

Nadine Evers

Nadine ist seit Juni 2017 Geschäftsführerin bei der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. Davor war sie als Mitarbeiterin des Auswärtigen Amts die deutsche Stimme in der EU-Ratsarbeitsgruppe für Humanitäre Hilfe. Beim Roten Kreuz arbeitete sie im Bereich Völkerrecht und als Programmleiterin für die Auslandshilfe im Sudan und in Äthiopien. In Haiti und der Dominikanischen Republik leitete sie Projekte im nationalen Katastrophenschutz. Nadine war zuvor unter anderem Geschäftsführerin des Stiftungskollegs der Robert Bosch Stiftung, wissenschaftliche Referentin im Europäischen Parlament und Beraterin bei der Boston Consulting Group.

Nadine Stammen

Nadine ist Informations- und Interfacedesignerin und seit Januar 2017 bei der OKF. Zuvor arbeitete sie mehrere Jahre in einer Webagentur sowie beim gemeinnützigen Verein Liquid Democracy. In Projekten mit Transparency International, OCCRP, der Stiftung Mercator oder der Stadt Berlin arbeitete sie daran, gesellschaftlichen Wandel mit digitalen Technologien und Medien zu unterstützen.

Nadine works on:

Paula Grünwald (geb. Glaser)

Paula is working for „Demokratielabore“ and for „Jugend hackt“. „Jugend hackt“ was part of her master thesis on Media and Education at the PH Freiburg. Previously, she worked for the Fraunhofer Institute and has filmed documentaries. Paula finds Open Data interesting and important because it stimulates active democratic participation.

Paula works on:

Philip Steffan

Philip joined Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in August 2018 as the new Community Manager of Jugend hackt. He’s always loved to connect, communicate and explain and has played an important part in the German Maker community in the past years as a makerspace founder, blogger, tech journalist and curator of Maker Faires.

Philip works on:

Rebecca Varghese Buchholz

Since April 2017, Rebecca manages 2030Watch, a civil society monitoring project of SDGs’ implementation in Germany. Prior to joining OKF, Rebecca worked as a Senior Policy Adviser for international trade and investment treaties at Traidcraft in London and as a Research Analyst for the United Nations Research Institute (UNRISD) for Social Development in Geneva. Rebecca graduated in Economics and Development Studies from the School of African and Oriental Studies (BA hons) and the University of Cambridge (MPhil) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Law (London College of Law).
Rebecca works on:

Saadya Windauer

Saadya has been working for the Open Knowledge Foundation since January 2017 and is a projekt manager at the 2030Watch.
Saadya works on:

Sebastian Schröder

Sebastian Schröder has already taken part in »Jugend hackt« several times and will start his voluntary service in 2018. He will support the team of »Jugend hackt« in organizing the events and get to know the different projects of the Open Knowledge Foundation.
Sebastian works on:

Sonja Fischbauer

Sonja works as project manager for Demokratielabore and as project lead for Jugend hackt, where she coordinates lab set-up and fundraising. She studied archaeology and has worked at excavations as well as in museum education, before she traded her shovel for a laptop: As a freelance consultant since 2014, Sonja coordinated multiple community-projects in the field of technology and Free Knowledge, organised hackathons and developed diversity-measures. Since 2018 she’s part of the team at Open Knowledge Foundation Germany in Berlin.

Sonja works on:

Stefan Wehrmeyer

Since 2009 Stefan Wehrmeyer promotes Open Data and he started the Freedom of Information (FOI) portal in 2011.

Stefan works on:

Walter Palmetshofer

Walter is an economist by training and has been involved in the domain of Netzpolitik for many years. He is project lead of the EU research project Open Data Incubator (ODINE), the Digitaler Offenheitsindex [do:index], and supervises the Open Data Census. He worked as a system administrator in NYC, before moving to Berlin, where he co-founded a start-up in 2012.

Walter works on: